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Hold It. Move It.
High-quality, easy-to-use food holding equipment at an affordable price. Find the long-lasting durability you need and the special features you want with Servit!

With a wide selection of useful equipment, ServIt ensures cafeterias, buffet restaurants, and pizzerias all have the dependable, durable products they need to run a successful business. Designed with quality and efficiency in mind, ServIt equipment makes it easy to provide your customers with delicious food served at the proper temperature!

Steam Tables
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Hold food at the proper temperature for high-quality results your customers will love.
Designed with easy-to-use controls, adjustable settings, and quality materials, each item from the ServIt product line is intended to withstand the daily rigors of a busy commerical kitchen.
Exceptional durability allows for long-lasting use to ensure your establishment is always fully equipped to serve your customers.
Delivery Bags
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Get piping hot, perfect pizzas to your customers each and every time.