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About ServIt

ServIt food holding equipment is designed with your day-to-day operation in mind. These durably crafted products feature user-friendly controls, adjustable settings, and top-notch materials. Use ServIt holding equipment to serve customers delicious food at the proper temperature with products built to last.

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Brand overview

ServIt products are wide-ranging and include holding/proofing cabinets, warmers, steam tables, cold food tables, and much more. Use any one of our products to give that finishing touch to your just cooked food. It's performance you can depend on and quality that endures for decades.

Why ServIt?

Timing is everything. ServIt products offer exceptional performance to keep food warm, fresh, and ready to eat that isn't dried out or burned. Our products make it easier for you to run a successful business. Not many products this sleek and versatile can simplify everyday tasks.

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Made in America

ServIt's holding/proofing cabinets are made in the USA. Expect excellent quality, superior craftsmanship, and longevity from this durable collection.

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