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Our bags make delivering take-out items more efficient. Use them to deliver anything from pizza and subs to salads and wraps. By using these catering bags, your customers will be able to enjoy fresh food at the proper serving temperature.

A pocket in the bag holds a heating element or cooling packs for extended temperature control.
A hardboard bottom and wrist strap ensure stability while transporting pizzas.
Brass Grommets
Allows moisture to escape, preventing soggy food products
Reinforced Straps
Heavy-duty, reinforced straps promote safe, comfortable carrying.
ID Window
Allows your staff to store menus, coupons, and business cards.
Reflective Stripes
Give your staff the safety they deserve when they're on the road.
Foam insulation keeps food hotter, longer in delivery bags. It's found between the outer layer of fabric and the inner lining of the bag to help reduce heat conduction.
Breathable nylon fabric allows the bag to keep your food warm, while allowing steam to escape. Minimizing steam and the resulting moisture means crispier crusts for pizzas.